Heart Kid Story – Violet

Heart Month

Heart month is sacred in our community. It’s a time where we come together as a family to acknowledge the pain in our journeys. It’s the one week a year where we hold a candle to to darkest corners of what we’ve been through, and ask our friends and family to take a good look. We’re committed to raising awareness, to supporting one another, to remembering.

And so

We take time this February to remember Violet.

Violet’s battle came to a close in 2018. Heart moms came from all over the state to be with her family as she was laid to rest. We presented her with flowers one last time and said prayers for her, for her parents, for own own babies as we looked at the smallness of the tiny box and realized how many hopes and dreams it held.

Violet wasn’t the first tiny heart sister we’ve said goodbye to.

She won’t be the last.

But every year, we whisper the word “fewer” and we work, work, to increase awareness. Funding. Research. Resources. Transparency.

The CHD journey can be isolating. Bereavement as a result of CHD, even more so. At CHDFT, we may not always know the right thing to say or do, but we’re committed to remembering your children. The impact they made was deep. They’re part of our family forever.

Eze. Paxton. Violet. Jess. Zoltan. Andra. Sayde.

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