Heart Kid Story – Lincoln

Our sweet friend Suzanna (famous here for being Lincoln’s Mom) changed the direction of her life when she found out about her son’s heart condition. It’s a story we hear a lot, though not always with such effective results. Suzanna uses the inspiration her son gives her every day, and goes to work to be a calming presence in a process that follows pulse oximetry testing as one of the very first methods used to diagnose CHD. Essentially a sonogram for the heart, an echocardiogram can be used to measure input and output as the heart pumps blood. It gives cardiologists a peek into the anatomy of the heart, and can be used to grasp overall function.

As CHD parents, “Echo Day” can be nerve wracking. There are times when you go in, and come out with a timeframe for surgery. That Suzanna chose to be part of this front line battle against CHD is inspiring to all of us!

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