Emotional Support

Facebook Support Group

CHDFT has a private Facebook support group for our heart families. The group is limited to those Southern Arizona families with children who have congenital heart defects. To request access to the group, click the link and request to join. Every potential new member is asked a few questions to ensure the group only consists of Southern Arizona heart families.

Heartiversary Certificate

The “Heartiversary Program” was inspired by Haleigh, the young lady who ran the operation until 2020. We were tickled by her decision to celebrate the day of her major open-heart surgery every year, as a milestone marking her strengths and successes. Approved applicants* to the program will receive a certificate honoring their bravery and a treat** to help them celebrate.

*Applicants must be eligible based on medical procedure and location. CHD Families of Tucson serves families in Yuma, Pima, Pinal, Graham, Greenlee, Cochise, and Santa Cruz County.

** Gift cards should be used for basic necessities, including items like school supplies, clothing, and food.

Angel Warrior Program

Each child that comes into this world with CHD deserves to be recognized. These children fight the toughest battles and have to face so many highs and lows. The ultimate worst is the crippling pain of losing a child. We mourn each loss as a community and it hits hard when one of our own gains their angel wings. We individually stand in the stillness and feel the heartache deeply. This is a gap we can never fulfill, but rather it’s an area we can embrace & recognize forever. We’d like to provide each family, who has lost a warrior, one personalized windchime. Every time you hear the chime, it will be a soft reminder of your previous angel warrior and a community of heart families that will forever honor your child.

*Applicants must be eligible based on diagnosis and location. CHD Families of Tucson serves families in Yuma, Pima, Pinal, Graham, Greenlee, Cochise, and Santa Cruz County.

Community Outreach committee

The Community Outreach Committee exists to foster friendships and emotional support by planning quarterly events that meet specific needs in the pediatric cardiac community. Past COC events include “Christmas on the Farm”, “Meetup at the Mercado” “Back to School Night at AZ Air Time” “Summer Safety Splash Day” and a special weekend trip to Williams, Arizona for a magical night riding the Polar Express train to the North Pole!

Summer Safety Giveaways

The Summer Safety Giveaway prioritizes the safety of children with heart defects, who often struggle with blood pressure and hydration issues in the Arizona heat. Once a year, CHD Families of Tucson spends thousands of dollars on summer safety items to be given to cardiac patients at no cost. Items have included: Contigo refillable water bottles, sunglasses, motorized fans, car shades, car seat covers, towels, hats, sunglasses, popsicle molds, gift cards for indoor entertainment/frozen treats, and more!

Educational Support

We fund educational community programs through our Family Connect initiative

Financial Support

Funding basic needs for patient survival through our Family Assistance Program.

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