When CHD Families of Tucson was founded, we sought out heart families and found so many that were already active in the community, experienced and ready to meet other folks with shared stories. Emily, our HKOTM, is super special because we got to meet and cheer for her from the very beginning of ~her~ journey. She’s our “family baby”, the one who is cooed over at all our events, the one we all want to hold (after washing our hands, of course!)

Emily’s mama found us after a hospital employee gave her a rack card with our information on it. It was rewarding to know that these clinicians and professionals trust us enough to recommend us to their cutest patients, and now we get to love this sweet girl too!

Emily is has her first open heart surgery in a matter of weeks, and we trust that you all will join us in sending her your love, prayers, and light.

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