Financial Support

“Alan and Jan Levin & Family Assistance Fund”
Family Assistance Form

Family Assistance is the flagship program of CHDFT. Medical research shows that among families of children with special healthcare needs, parents of children with CHD report a higher prevalence of financial burden than those without. Interestingly, the statistic holds even among families with higher education and a higher reported income. The fact remains, congenital heart defects are costly, and families are fighting with everything they have. At CHDFT, we work to alleviate the burden by providing assistance for basic needs. While parents sit next to hospital beds, losing income, we keep lights on, tables filled, gas in the tank, and so on. Having been there ourselves, we understand that removing these stressors is a vital part of the healing process.

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Educational Support

We fund educational community programs through our Family Connect initiative

Emotional Support

Funding basic needs for patient survival through our Family Assistance Program.

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