Heart Kid Story – Adelina

As we wrap up our Heart Kid of the Month program for 2018, and prepare to re-launch it in 2019, we wanted to close with a special family. Adelina, along with her parents and her sisters Charlize and Melani, were featured in last year’s community report. Her mama shared a heartfelt letter with our base that helped highlight the relationships we develop with some of these warriors. We are thrilled to see Adelina growing and thriving after spending so much time in the hospital at birth. We love to see updates and photos as she crushes each goal and makes her support circle proud in every way.

For our final post of the year, we just want to thank the families who trust us with their stories, our supporters who trust us with their time and donations, and for all the encouraging ways that this community bands together to support their friends and neighbors who struggle with CHD. We hope we’ve highlighted how very common this defect is, and shown that despite its prevalence, the fight is not easy. CHD doesn’t define any of these kids, but it does forge them (and their parents) into impressive “overcomers”.

Happy Holidays to all our friends out there! Its been an honor, and we look forward to 2019!

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