Heart Kid of the Month-March

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Truthfully our heart “kid” is more of a gracious and kind young lady. It’s no lie that Haleigh befriends everyone she meets, she and her parents are always willing to lend a helping hand. We had a chance to bond with them during an event for #AndraHeart, a local organization that does heart screenings for students, provides schools with AED devices, and sees to it that parks and schools have access to water.

We asked the members of CHD Families of Tucson if they’d want to partner with Andra Heart and help staff an EKG screening at Flowing Wells Junior High. Haleigh’s parents said “yes”, and they took time away from work and everyday life to make sure that young people ~just about~ the same age as their daughter, had a chance to spot a heart defect before it was too late.

These are the kind of generous, warm-hearted people we get to be in a community with, and we love that we get to share the stories of our kids and their parents.

Happy March!

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